Work Life Balance: A juggling act

By | August 19, 2014

Managing work and lifestyle/family has become a challenge in today’s world. But my question is can we really balance it? In my experience, No we cannot at any given point of time. Things have been changed over the past; how could you give only your half time when your spouse/child is sick? When you are supposed to close an important deal and you just cannot give your half time to it. Proper mix and prioritizing between your family, works, play, lifestyle etc could do the magic, for that you need to understand your family and yourself.


Modern workplace is the major reason behind the imbalance. Working from home after work hours, reviewing the work when out of office, demanding work culture etc have become easier and due to which the demand for increasing work has grown in the recent times making a challenge for having work life balance.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”This quote always rings on my mind whenever there is a topic on work life balance. Recent surveys have already indicated that more than a third of employees work extra hours every week to get their jobs done. This it-self explains that most of the people neglect their personal life to accomplish their work and this behavior is more often seen among the baby boomers.

Most of the surveys proved that longer working hours and productivity are inversely proportionate to each other i.e., the more you work the lesser is your productivity. There are many research’s conducted to prove this, one such example is comparison between the Greeks and Germans. Greeks are some of the most hardworking people putting in over 2000 hours a year on average. On the other hand Germans are comparative slackers, working about 1,400 hours each year. But German productivity is about 70% higher. So we must always keep in our mind from this that we are disturbing our work culture as well knowingly or unknowingly keeping our health and relationships at risk.

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Many problems are happening to people who do not maintain work life balance. It is reducing their options for relaxing, learning new skills, and maintaining social relationships which are leading them to lead a stress full life. If you are not healthy it would affect everything which would definitely affect your bottom line. Of course who doesn’t want to lead a healthy and happy life? But we tend to forget everything; we have lost our fundamental values over the past few years.

Working late hours doesn’t mean neglecting yourself or your family; it is ok when we are supposed to. It should never be a habit. Try to have some time for your family, have some work out to keep you healthy, having good fun in your life will anyways lead you to a good productivity. Everyone has their own understanding towards Work life balance, so think of your proper mix between your family, works, play etc and prioritize them accordingly. Maintaining this mix needs a lot of discipline and a lot of organization. Let’s start taking the initiative to make our life happier and healthier.

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