TS Police Arrested Rajiv and Sravan In Hyderabad Beautician Sirisha Suicide Death

By | June 16, 2017


The Telangana State Police on Friday, in a press conference held in Hyderabad, announced arresting of accusers RJ studio owner Rajeev and his friend Sravan, related to suicide death of Hyderabad beautician Sirisha.

Who committed suicide in the studio office, Hyderabad where she was working with Rajiv as associate partner for four years, acc. to news report.

The case sent shock waves across the state, after a young police officer rank of Sub Inspector, Prabhakar Reddy was found dead in pool of blood after he shot himself with his service revolver, just a few hours after Sirisha suicide.

Two police officers, West Zone DCP A. Venkateswar Rao and Govt. appointed Investigation Officer DSP Tirupathianna was sanctioned to conduct inquiry in respective deaths of Sirisha and Prabhkar, and submit report on the sensational case.

Followed by two days of hectic investigation and inquiry into the deaths, the police officials submitted a conclusion report, with details which are in preliminary stage explaining the death of Sirisha from West Godavari district was result of Suicide.

And the death of young officer, Prabhakar (32) was result of mental stress and anxiety that his would name appear in the suicide death of Vijaya Lakshmi alias Sirisha.

The both accusers Rajeev and Sravan was brought to Banjara Hills Police Station, where the police interrogated them and also took up Scene Recreational task, with details on set of events that resulted in Sirisha to take drastic action.

However, Medical Experts from Osmania Hospital who conducted Srisha autopsy has told to police, that there are injuries on her body, and hard injury on her head which concludes the police to investigate the case in Murder angle.

And there are also doubts raised in SI Prabhakar Reddy death, where police found blood marks back yard of Police Quarters reside and also they taken other suspicion details into note, to investigate the case in all angles.

According to Police, the whole episode of this case originated from personal dispute that Rajeev friend Tejaswani has with Sirishi, and to solve the issue Rajeev friend Sravan recommended him to meet his friend SI Prabhakar Reddy to end dispute.

Which resulted in brutal fight between Rajeev and Sirisha, during which Rajeev reported to have thrashed his associate partner badly, upset over the turn off events the 28 year old beautician committed suicide after she reached Hyderabad from Kukunurupalli PS where the trio Rajeev, Sravan and Sirisha met the Sub Inspector in his reside at Police Quarters.

In the same Police Station, where young SI found dead, 10 months past another officer of same rank SI Rama Krishna Reddy committed suicide in last august.

SI Prabhakar wife Rachna, who married together two years back, alleged that his husband death was result of harassment from higher-ups, and she told that her husband spoke of a ACP officer, who was troubling him over money, acc. to news report.

After extensive investigation, police found that Prabhakar suicide was result of worry and anxiety that his name will be pulled in the case, this come to conclusion by the officials after going through call records from Rajeev and Sravan, where duo called the officer to report suicide death of Sirisha.

In the call SI Prabhakar reported to have stressed the duo, not pull his name.

However after Rajeev and Sravan was taken into custody, Prabhakar knows his name will be filed in the case which resulted to him commit suicide, acc. to police report.

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