SI Prabahkar Sexually Assaulted Beautician Sirisha, led her to suicide: Police

By | June 17, 2017

Src: Eenadu

In a shocking revelation, during a conference held in Hyderabad on Friday evening.

The Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy, explaining the SI Prabhakar-Sirisha suicide case in detail summing up the whole episode of tragedy, with recreation of event by event details.

The officer said, mother to 12 year old girl, the beautician Vijay Lakshmi alias Sirisha who committed suicide during wee hours in city-based RJ photo studio on June 13th is result of sexual assault by SI Prabhakar Reddy, who too committed suicide following day after few hours gap.

Getting into case details, CP said, Sirisha who is a make-up artist by profession and already married has a daughter, has very intimate relationship with owner of the Photography studio, Rajeev, who is known for enjoying and living in lavish lifestyle.

Sirisha native was from East Godavari district and Rajeev’s was Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh. Sirisha has been working along with the owner of the Photo Studio for four years as associate partner,  to provide make-up services to bride for the deals that bought by Rajeev.

Personal issue between Sirisha and Rajeev was cropped out, just in last week, when Rajeev friend Tejaswani, who was working as HR in software company in Hyderabad reported to have got into heated argument with the beautician for being closely moving with Rajeev.

In following ensuing days to suicide death of Sirisha, on the same day when both got into fight, Rajeev along with both womens were brought to Banjara Hills PS where SI there counseled the trio and persuade them to not get into conflicts.

With differences not being cool down, followed by Rajeev informing to Sirisha that he was interested to marry Tejaswani, whom he first met through Facebook, and they both come from same city.

The young beautician sought help from his friend, Sravan, whom the police commissioner said he had bad habits.

Sravan told her that, he has SI police friend i.e Prabhakar Reddy who help her to find a solution for the ongoing personal issue.

After speaking to sravan, about the dispute, the Sub Inspector reported to have called his bachmate Harender working in Police Station in jurisdiction of Banjara PS.

With whom he got know complete details about issue. And asked the aggrieved parties to come and meet him at his reside in quarters in the PS.

The official confirmed all four, their mobile phone location during June 12 from 11:30 PM to 2:30 AM were in the same area.

During the intervening night, all members who participated in the meeting reported to have consumed liquor.

It is after this, the young officer SI Prabhakar has directed Sravan, Rajeev about presence of Prostitute Den near the vicinity, when they came out of room for a smoke.

And directed, Sirisha not to come out of room, as it will raise suspiciousness to people around the area.

While Rajeev and Sravan, outside, Prabhakar went inside room, thereafter the beautician started shouting with big cries seeking for help, and mincing with words that, she was not that kind of women and asking him to leave.

Before the incident of shouting arouse, hearing ‘Prostitute’ during conversation of SI Prabhakar with Rajeev and Sravan, worried its all about, she reported to have sent a location link to husband and also sent a series message to Rajeev not leave her alone in the room.

After hearing cryings, Rajeev and Sravan came back to room and found Srishia shaking in fear, during the process to calm her down Rajeev reported to have hit her.

And long ensuing fight happened along the journey back to Hyderabad from the village PS, ending with her death.

During journey back to city, the SI has called two times to check on condition of Sirisha.

Still in afraid and upset state, on the way back to city, commissioner said, the young tried to escape out of the car.

After reaching Photography office, she went upstairs to the studio and committed suicide by hanging to death using her scarf.

Before committing suicide while in the office, Sirisha called Rajeev which he didn’t receive, when he called there is no response from her.

After breaking down his office door, Rajeev found, Sirisha hanging to ceiling, he sought assistance from paramedics from Apollo hospital, after hacking her vitals they declared she was dead.

Rajeev called ‘100’ phone number and reported about the incident, and SI in the jurisdiction made his presence in the incident, the officer said speaking to news reports.

On same day from his batch mate, Haridar, come to his name was come up in the inquiry and he will be investigated in the suicide death case of the beautician.

In afternoon of June 13th, around 1:00 PM, SI Prabhakar committed suicide with service revolver knowing that he will be inquired and in distress he taken extreme step of shooting himself.

For his action on sexual assaulting Sirisha, SI Prabhakar, 32 year-old taken his life in his quarters located in backside of Police Station.

And hurted over assault on her and unexpected turn of events that affected her modesty, dignity and self-respect, Vijaya Lakshmi alias committed suicide in Photo Studio of Rajeev.

On Friday, Rajeev and Sirisha friend Sraveen, who was named as first accuse in the case were arrested under two sections.

Speaking to different local news reports, the beautician women family members reported unhappiness and demanded administration to investigate completely different angles.

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