Police Seeks Five Days Remand Custody For Both Accusers In Sirisha & SI Prabhakar Suicide Case

By | June 22, 2017


The Hyderabad city police administration, which is leading the investigation in sensational city-based beautician Sirisha and SI Prabhakar suicide death case.

Has recently submitted files regarding the case to Nampally court, and requested the judiciary for five day remand custody of both accusers Rajiv and Sravan, who were arrested on last Friday afternoon.

Top police officials from CP to DCP rank, shared case details to press this week and last week, confirming SI Prabhakar misbehaved and sexually assaulted Sirisha, when the victim approached him along with Rajiv and Sravan on June 12th to provide a solution for personal dispute.

Followed by ensuing fight between Rajiv and Sirisha in car, during journey back to Hyderabad from Kukunoorpally PS, leading her to commit suicide in photo studio office owned by Rajiv.

The evidence collected in Sirisha beautician death case was based on event by event details provided by the both accusers. Police also reported suspicion over presence of blood marks on Sirisha dress and injuries on different parts of victim body.

Suspecting whether rape has took place in residence of SI Prabhakar, and more into details about truth what really happened in the PS quarters can be only known by interrogating the accusers, by sending them to five day remand custody.

For which police has submitted a request with case files before the city court, a police official said to news report.

During remand, cops will also seek for more details into personal problems that aroused between Rajeev, Sirisha, Tejaswani.

With several media reports telecasting conversations that took place between Sirisha and her friends, to whom she spoke about her enmity with Tejaswani and quarrel, which led both of them end up in PS for counseling earlier this month before her death.

A police official said, investigation is focused much into conversations between accusers and victim and they only look into other details of conversation that supports the case, ensuring no culprit will escape.

In one conversation between Sirisha and her friend Naveen, she spoked about dislike of Tejaswani and requesting him to share recording data from mobile phone of Rajeev, as she wants to know what Rajeev spoke with Tejaswani.

In another conversation, that collected as part of evidence gathering, police said, Sravan who is the main accuser in the case and friend to Sirisha and SI Prabhakar, during conversation with SI spoke of benefit that they will get in solving her personal dispute.

And in another call with Rajeev, he spoke of plan, how they can rid of Sirisha, so that Rajeev can marry Tejaswani and live a life that they want without these problems.

Much of the what really transpired during the 8 hours from stay in SI Prabhakar reside in the village PS quarters to journeyback to city, can only bring out truth in the case, that plagued with speculations, with police officials saying sending the both accusers to remand will shed light in the Sirisha beautician and SI Prabhakar death case, Police said.

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