JIBO: The World’s First Interactive Family Robot

By | June 2, 2017

JIBO is the World’s first family robot that can interact and react with its human owners.

It is a little pod with a motorized swivel equipped with a two high resolution cameras that can recognize and track faces,capture photos and can enable video calling and fitted with 360 degree Microphones and natural language processing which will allow the user to speak anywhere in the room.

With the help of artificial algorithms the Jibo can interact in a natural way with people through facial recognition and is capable of learning tastes,preferences and habits of family members and also it can tell a story to children in an engaging way with its  movements ,sound effects,and graphics.

“JIBO is a social robot that comes with a core set of skills.It can perform these skills for you through natural and intuitive interaction–speech plus other inputs such as vision and touch.Jibo learns from interacting with you in the context of his skills to personalize them to you and it also learn who you are by recognizing your face and voice”Said Cynthia Breazeal CEO and chief scientist at Jibo.

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Actually the project was launched through a crowd funding on Indiegogo last year and collected well over the initial target of $ 100,000 to nearly $2.3 million and pre-sold the 4800 robots through the crowd funding campaign.

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