Interesting Turn Of Events In SI Prabhakar And Sirisha Suicide Case

By | June 21, 2017


After nearly a week after things getting into normal, followed by sensational case SI Prabhakar Reddy and Sirisha beautician suicide death in Hyderabad.

The city-police officer DCP Venkateswar Rao, sharing remand report details that recently submitted in Nampally court, he said, findings of blood marks on Sirisha dress and also injuries result of sexual assault and forcing on her body was found.

Both accusers Rajeev and Sravan, who were been arrested in the case, in a statements that they given to police  which submitted to court, shows, that SI Prabhakar molested Sirisha in his PS quarters, when the victim along Rajeev, with whom she was been working for 4 years in photo studio came to him to find solution to a personal issue, the officer said.

And evidence related to blood marks on dress of the victim, and other critical information to get real evidence of the young Sub-Inspector sexually assaulted was shared to Laboratory, with suspicion that whether Prabhakar raped Sirisha, which led her to commit suicide on June 13th during wee hours.

The police who named 32 year old SI Prabhakar friend Sravan as main accuser in the case, said to have masterminded whole plan to lure Hyderabad-based make-up artist Sirisha and owner of the RJ Photo Studio to Kukunurupalli village PS, that the officer will be provide final solution to their personal dispute.

On the way to Kukunurupalli PS from Hyderabad, Sravan is the one who come with idea to purchase liquor, which was later consumed all four, the police said.

Look into past history of Sravan, who was preparing for SI exams, reported to have traveled along with Prabhakar to different states and also both went to Delhi once, the official said, acc. to news report.

SI Prabhakar who shot himself to death with his service revolver, just after few hours of Sirisha Suicide death, he was second officer of the same rank to commit suicide in same Police Station, just 10 months after another SI Ramakrishna killed himself with service revolver.

Followed by preliminary stage inquiry in the death of Vijaya Lakshmi alias Sirishi.

Prabhakar from one of inspector in Banjara Hills, come to know his name was added into inquiry list and he will be investigated in the case, resulting to mental anxiety he took his life, police said during a press conference held in last week.

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