Top 3 Fuel Price Checker Mobile Apps

By | June 18, 2017


With govt. allowing oil retail companies across India, to charge fuel prices on daily set benchmark.

Earlier before the present rule kick-in, the oil companies followed the approach of calculating fuel prices based on International market price that is from every month 1st to 16th of same month.

Here are the list of apps from top oil companies that help you to check on everyday Petrol and Diesel prices from your nearest fuel station, and help yourself in finding an outlet that offering comparative low-cost price and also increase your savings.

Fuel Prices Checker Mobile Apps

1. Fuel@IOC – IndianOil

‘Fuel@IOC’ mobile app developed by state-run IndianOil company, helps its customers to get details about its number of retail outlets within in 5 to 10 Km from searcher location along with details of prices of fuel the petrol bunk provides.

The app also helps you to track fuel purchases, so that it will be your helpful guide in checking money spending pattern and balance your expenses.

2. My HPCL

Developed by Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited, ‘My HPCL’ app also able to provide similar services of assisting its customers in finding nearest Retail Out and prices at which the fuel station is providing.

And along with other rich features one can check preparedness of theirvehicle and from among other services.

3. SmartDrive

SmartDrive app developed by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, provides its customers route-to-route directions and no. of outlets within radius of your search location.

And also you check on current fuel prices listed in the outlet for Petrol, Diesel at its respective Retail Outlets.

The fuel price checker app developed by BPCL also offers different app features in the areas include value-added services and emergency service contacts.

Similar to My HPCL app the SmartDrive smartphone app also provides lubricant recommendations and Tyre Pressure metrics that a vehicle owner should ensure to maintain for safe and comfort travel.

Retail Sale Price From SMS

For those, who are using feature phone as mode of communication or if you ran out of Data package on your smartphone. You can still get daily retail fuel price from your nearest outlet through SMS using Dealer Code of the retail outlet, which will displayed outside fuel station. If not you can check with staff or manager of the RO.

To get Retail Sale Price (RSP ) information from nearest IOL (Indian Oil) petrol bunks, customer have to send an SMS in following format RSP (SPACE) DEALERCODE.

And same above SMS format can be used to fuel prices at your nearest Bharat Petroleum company.

As for HP state-run oil company, use following format HPPRICEDEALERCODE to get fuel price updates from Hindustan Petroleum retail outlet.

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