Beautician Sirisha Death Is Suicide: Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy

By | June 16, 2017

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Bringing down curtains on weeklong sensational case, the Hyderabad Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy speaking to a press conference in Hyderabad today.

Explained case details of city-based beautician Vijaya Lakshmi alias Sirisha death, concluding the death was suicide.

In brief explaining with details of what transpired from trio (Rajiv, Sravan, Sirisha) meeting SI Prabhakar Reddy at Kukunurupalli PS to the make-up artist Sirisha committing suicide in Hyderabad at Studio office.

The top official said, Rajeev owner of the RJ Studio in Shaikpet, Sirisha and her friend Sravan went to Kukunurupalli PS  on June 12th to meet Prabhakar.

To find solution to personal issues that cropped up between Sirisha and Rajeev, to which Sravan pointed his friend SI Prabhakar can able to find answer to issues between them.

Based on location analysis, by tracking down mobile phones of four members, the police commissioner said all of them were present in the same location between 11.30 pm to 2.30 am.

It is in the during course of meeting, Sirisha heard about the male members speaking about ‘Prostitute Den’ in the locale.

Which has raised suspiciousness of her presence in the quarters and also spooked her that something terrible going to happen to her.

This led to Sirisha crying for help unstoppable, during the course SI Prabhakar tried to pacify her not to shout.

Agitated over her shouting, Rajeev reported to have slapped her, which led to have embroiled the fight between him and Sirisha.


Later, the Sub-Inspector asked the trio to leave the place immediately and told them to begin journey to Hyderabad.

Based on the inputs provided by Rajeev and Sirisha during investigation, the commissioner said, still afraid, upset and agitated over turn of events.

Sirisha who was sitting on back of the car, has tried to jump out of moving vehicle, during which the police officer said, Rajeev pulled her with hair to drag her back to seat.

This altercation resulted injuries over her body, and also the officer said, she was hit by over her face leading to broken lips and damage on her face.

After arriving to city, at around 3:00 clock in the morning on June 13th, Sirisha went upstairs to the Photography office.

Later she called Rajeev over whatsapp, a video call, which he didn’t receive due to he was busy in arranging a cab for Sravan.

When he called back, Sirisha didn’t received the call, it is after breaking the office door which is located in apartment building.

The Make-up artist, committed suicide by hanging from ceiling using her scarf.

Rajeev, whose native was Vijayawada and profession by Photographer, called ‘100’ telephone number and reported suicide event and also taken assistance from paramedics from Apollo hospital. Who informed that she is no more.

The police also revealed details that, Sirisha who was married and has daughter 12 years old, has a affair with Rajeev, and the official added staff working in the photography reported the duo behave like couples in the office.

Personal issues between Rajeev and Sirisha started, when the studio owner friend Tejaswani.

Who was working and got transferred from Bangalore to Hyderabad city.

Sirisha didn’t liked the Rajeev relation with Tejaswani, which has resulted a heated argument between her and Tejaswani, ended up get counseling from Banjara PS.

When that didn’t worked out Sravan friend of Sirisha, said, his friend SI Prabhakar will help them to solve personal problem.

On Friday afternoon, both Rajeev and Sravan were arrested followed by collection of evidence from thorough investigation.

Two top officials from Police Dept. and Govt. appointed investigation officer were appointed to lead the investigation into the case and has submitted report.

The Police Commissioner also said, when the trio left Kukunurupalli PS and on their way to Hyderabad, SI Prabhakar Reddy called two times, to check Sirisha situation.

After finding Sirisha committed suicide in Hyderabad photo studio office, he was informed about her death and the young officer asked both Rajiv and Sravan  not to drag his name in the case.

Followed by police initial interrogation of duo, SI Prabhakar come to know he will be called up in the case, which lead to mental stress and anxiety leaving him to take extreme step and shot himself in the head using his service revolver, acc. to police report .

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