AP Govt. Launches Toll-Free no.‘1100’ To Take On Corruption In the State

By | June 5, 2017


The Andhra Pradesh which ranked second place as most corrupted state, followed by Karnataka, in a recent nation-wide survey conducted by National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER).

Recently launched Toll-Free no ‘1100’, asking citizens who has payed bribe to govt. staff for the services that they rightly entitled, to call the phone number and shared their complaint.

The toll-free number unveiled under real-time governance initiative named ‘People First’.

Following launch of the initiative, the state CM Chandra Babu Naidu said, “So far 12 persons had returned the bribe amounts to the citizens in the past few days. In one instance in Kurnool district, a panchayat secretary had returned (bribe) money to 10 citizens (in separate cases),” PTI reported.

And the govt. also taking action on private individuals like Broker/Middle name who involve in illegal activities in taking bribe from victims for the services, after it was brought to notice of the redressal channel.

Earlier in March month, followed by release of NCAER report, speaking in Legislative Assembly, Chandra Babu Naidu said that “In the entire country, AP ranks number one in corruption, and also in development.”

Govt. officials reported that, the initial response after the launch is positive and response that the redressal channel was receiving is overwhelming, the administration will take action against the respective official or staff only after inquiry.

“There will be instances where some people try to defame a particular official even if no bribe is paid. In such cases, we will initiate necessary action only after a proper inquiry,” the CM said.

It is not first time, an Indian state to take action on growing corruption in its administration, which severely affects  deliver of public services bit also have bad impact in growth and development and economy of the state.

AAP-ruled Delhi govt. is one among the states that took initiative launching toll-free number to tackle growing corruption in the administration and at front end of public service delivery.

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